Case Study 2: Microblading for Denise


Tina Davies Case Study Mature Skin Microblading

Here’s a case of a client with mature skin. In this case, my client wanted new brows that had the high-arch look that she had been drawing for years. Usually, I do not recommend this type of design, but during her consultation, we drew them on and not only did they look great, it was exactly how she drew them herself (but better) and that level of familiarity made her very happy.

This client was an exciting challenge as she had no existing hair, allowing us to create any brow shape and design that she wanted. If you ever find yourself in this situation make sure you err on the side of caution and do something you know that he/she will be comfortable with.

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Tina Davies x Perma Blend I love Ink Eyebrow PMU Collection Color Chart
Since she was blonde and mature, we went for a medium definition colour, which is not too light nor too dark. We selected a colour for my Tina Davies x Perma Blend pigment range, called MEDIUM BROWN. It’s not too dark and not too light - a great starter colour that is safe and easy to darken by adding a bit of pencil. It also makes a great starting point for when she returns for the follow up appointment, and wants a little more definition next time. I find this colour is safe and conservative when you (and your client) don’t want to overdo it the first time around.

When working with mature skin, it often is thinner as well, so ensuring your colour selection is conservative and is important, as thinner skin will often retain pigment better as well. Pressure will also be very important, as the thinner the skin the lighter the pressure you should have, ESPECIALLY at the tails of the brows, where you can see more veins.

For this client, I did not do a Blade and Shade technique as this client did not want a bold defined brow look, but more of a natural, everyday look. Microblading alone is best for achieving a very natural, soft look, and was perfect for this client.

It is important to always assess your clients wants and needs in the consultation to help you determine what you need to do to achieve that for them. You do not necessarily have to tell them everything you will be doing, as this can often leave them confused and unsure.

I find it is best to get a really strong idea of what they want to achieve and simply tell them “I can do that for you, no problem” and make the best decision for them based on your expertise. You can read more about my top 6 tips for client happiness here.

Here’s my clients before, immediately after and healed results so you can check out the progression and see how well she healed and retained the colour.

Check out the result and let me know if you like this look!

Tina Daives Case Study on Mature Skin Before Microblading

Tina Davies Case Study Microblading Results Immediately After Procedure on Mature SkinImmediately After

Tina Davies Case Study Healed Results after Microblading on Mature SkinHealed 3 Months

Tina Davies Case Study Healed Results after Microblading on Mature SkinHealed Close Up

Tina Davies Case Study Healed Results after Microblading on Mature SkinHealed 3 Months

Procedure Notes: 

Method:  Microblading

Needles Used:  Tina Davies U Needle Microblade

Pigment Colour:  Tina Davies x Perma Blend Medium Brown

Client Notes: 63-Year-old,  Fitz 2, Anglo woman

Skin type:  Grape-thinner and non-sensitive

Artist: Tina Davies


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“I set out to design a microblade that I knew would put our needs first as artists.”

- Tina Davies