Our Mission

Our goal at Tina Davies Professional is to develop leading innovations, techniques and education to help artists build a sustainable craft within the PMU industry. We aim to partner with some of the world's top retailers and trainers in the industry to deliver our mission and continue elevating the PMU art.

Our Ideal Partner

We developed the Tina Davies Partner Program to give Permanent Makeup retailers and academies the opportunity to join us in elevating the PMU industry. We are looking for industry leaders that have earned a following of artists consistently demonstrating impeccable ethics, high standards and a passion for educating. Ideal partners will have a thriving business built on trust from their customers and students.

How It Works

Apply to the
Tina Davies Professional
Partner Program.
Once approved,
decide which
tier is best
for you business.
Review your
intro email and
schedule your
onboarding call.
Submit your
opening order
for your desired
Review your welcome
email for more
helpful resources.


What makes someone a good candidate for the Tina Davies Professional Partner Program?

This program was created to give PMU retailers and academies access to distribute the Tina Davies Professional and Perma Blend Products. The Partner Program is perfect for PMU retailers and/or PMU academies who are passionate about elevating the PMU industry.

How do I qualify for the Tina Davies Partner Program?

To qualify, you will be required to show proof that you are either a PMU cosmetics retailer or academy/trainer. Next, submit an opening order with a subtotal that equals or exceeds your desired level's minimum opening requirement after discounts are calculated. Please explore the various levels and the perks & benefits before deciding which tier best suits your business.

How do I apply to become a Partner?

To apply, simply submit your application here. Our Partnerships team will review your application within 1-2 business days to determine if you qualify for our Partner Program. Once you are accepted, you will receive an introduction email with instructions to get started.

Once I’ve been accepted into the program, are there minimum requirements on my replenishment orders?

Yes, once you are accepted into the program and qualify for a specific Partner tier, there is a minimum replenishment order requirement of $500 in your regional currency (before discounts, shipping, and taxes are applied).

How can I move up to the next tier level within the Partner Program?

At the beginning of each calendar year, our Partnerships team will review your account to determine if you qualify for the next level based on your total spend (before shipping & taxes) from the previous calendar year. In order to graduate to the next level, you would have had to spend the minimum order quantity of the next level throughout the prior year.

Once I am accepted into the program, how do I access my discounts?

You will be able to log into your partner portal to submit your opening order. From there, you will be assigned a tier level based on your opening order amount which you will have access to for the rest of the calendar year.Once you are logged into the portal, the correct discounts will automatically apply to your opening order based on the final subtotal of your desired order. From there, you will be assigned a discount level which you will remain in for the rest of the calendar year.

Will I be given marketing tools to help me promote the Tina Davies Brand?

Yes, once you are accepted into the partner program, you will have access to a wide range of marketing tools and digital assets which you will be able to access through your Partner Portal.

How will I receive access to my perks & benefits after I’ve been accepted into thePartner Program?

Our Partnerships team will deliver your perks & benefits to you accordingly via email. If you qualify for our Platinum Program, your dedicated account manager will connect with you to provide your benefits.

How do I learn more about the Tina Davies Products before placing my opening order as a Partner?

We highly suggest reading through our educational blogs on our website to learn more. Once you place your opening Partner order, you will be emailed a 30-day-trial of our Blade and Shade and Tina Davies Colour courses for FREE!

What payment methods do you accept from your Partners?

We accept all major Credit Cards and PayPal payments at checkout. If you have been approved to submit your payment via bank transfer, you will be provided the required baking banking information and payment instructions after checking out on your confirmation page. Please note, remittance or proof of payment must be provided to our Partnerships Team within 5 business days of submitting your order, or your order will be canceled.

Can I sell Tina Davies Products on A 3rd party platform (such as Amazon)?

No, Tina Davies Professional Partners are only permitted to list the products for sale on their own ecommerce or selling platforms.

How do I contact you for more information about the Tina Davies Professional Partner Program?

If you have any questions about the Partner Program, please feel free to email our Partnerships team at partners@tinadavies.com.