Jasmine Diebelius

Lip Magic: Dark Lip Neutralization

Jasmine Diebelius

Lip Magic: Dark Lip Neutralization

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We’re delighted to bring you this highly-requested, much-anticipated, advanced dark lip neutralization online course by Jasmine Diebelius. Watch Jasmine complete 4 live neutralization demos on a range of lip colors and skin types from lighter, warmer Fitzpatrick 4 lips to darker, cooler Fitzpatrick 5 and 6 lips. You’ll see HD videos filmed from 3 angles so you can watch Jasmine’s techniques up close, as if you were right there beside her. Learn how to choose the right neutralization color to bring your client’s lips to their goal results in as little as 1-2 procedures.

Listen as Jasmine talks through dark lip neutralization procedure challenges; hyper/hypo-pigmentation, color basics, color selection, and pigment recommendations for each lip tissue type. Learn about pigment science, carrier agents, reading CI codes, and which machines and needles are best for dark lip procedures. Read Jasmine’s case studies where she explains her methods, techniques, and her best tips and tricks to provide gorgeous healed results to melanin-rich clients.

*Recommended for artists with at least 1 year of machine experience.

Course Highlights:

  • 95-page manual to download/print
  • Consultation cheat sheet
  • Neutralization cheat sheet
  • Color theory
  • Pigment science
  • Color choices for dark lip tissue
  • Machines & needle choices for dark lips
  • Techniques for dark lips
  • Fitz 4 Live Demo x 2
  • Fitz 5 Live Demo
  • Fitz 6 Live Demo
  • Quizzes throughout

What to Expect Upon Completion of This Course:

  • Increased confidence working on darker lips
  • How to choose the right color for your client’s lip tissue
  • Using Jasmine’s techniques and tool choices to minimize trauma
  • Ensure beautifully healed results in 1-2 procedures

Recommended for artists with at least 1 year of machine experience.

Jasmine features the following products in this course:

Jasmine is one of the most exciting artists in the industry right now, quickly gaining the respect of global industry experts for her beautifully delicate lip artwork and the vast knowledge she so generously shares. This course is ideal for artists who are experienced with PMU and want to take the next step in mastering the art of lip blushing.

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